30 january solar eclipse astrology

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This month, Mercury switches signs twice, moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn on January 5 the same day as that solar eclipse that, somewhat agonizingly, calls forth our higher selves and then from Capricorn to Aquarius on January January 13, though, will be a bit of a humdinger: Mercury will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn on the same day that Jupiter squares Neptune. This brings in lofty ideas and beautiful dreams, but also a sense of despair or difficulty with communication. We are experiencing the full extent of our limitations this month.

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On January 21, we stumble into a lunar eclipse at one degree Leo , visible across the entire North American continent and affected by a square to Uranus in Aries. Phase two of releasing the lower aspects of ourselves, this eclipse will likely involve more grief, catharsis and release than the first—and there may be a great deal of uncertainty and worry tied up in this transit.

Be cautious with impulsivity and recklessness. Finally, on January 31, we have Saturn sextile Neptune —the first of three precise sextiles between these two in The two energies are not naturally compatible, and yet they basically rule We will close this rather grueling month with new knowledge about what routine and governance we may need to bring to our spiritual and creative selves—or in which ways the muse can help us steer the ship. Click here for your personalized in-depth horoscope for January.

The first eclipse of will be especially potent for Aries and brings in all manner of assistance with productive long-term planning and goal-setting. Things may feel unusually sped up for Taurus natives as the Universe sends a myriad of enticing opportunities at once. Discernment is key!

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Expect and embrace! A piece of hematite-included quartz will anchor your strength and keep confusion or second-guessing at bay. January is all about communication for Cancer , and especially about stating where your boundaries and limitations are. There have been significant shifts in how you view your closest and most intimate bonds, and the presiding desire may be to shut down and withdraw—but the opposite is needed. Cancer is being called to show up in ways that are both deeply vulnerable and deeply honest. Blue lace agate is considered one of the foremost mineral allies in supporting clear communication.

Wear some at your throat or hold a piece in your hands when having difficult conversations.

This month loops you back into your most important relationship — the one you share with yourself. Peridot-infused elixirs or hydrosols may be a great addition to a self-care routine. But muscovite is the most common variety of mica and is often found in mineral makeups, where it is responsible for lending gleam and shimmer to powder eyeshadows and highlighters.

Incorporate a mica-infused cosmetic to help you literally sparkle and shine. The eclipses may prove particularly emotional for Libras and may trigger more self-destructive habits.

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Amethyst, considered by the ancients to be an ally in attaining sobriety, will help Libra redirect anxiety to healthier outlets. January opens up multiple aspects of life wherein Scorpio can make a serious power move that will have long-lasting results. Love life, career, and close friendships are all in need of that notorious Scorpio magnetism and intensity. Some risk-taking will inevitably be involved, but it will be rewarding. It is a good time to treat plants.

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It is best to avoid undertaking anything which requires quickness, decisiveness and quick-wittedness. You can find out in which sign of the Zodiac the Moon was or will be located on any day using the Astrological Moon Calendar. It is believed that anything undertaken when the Moon is void-of-course will bring no result. But there is also another, positive facet of the void-of-course Moon: if something risky or difficult is undertaken, something where other people can create a problem or interrupt you, this time seems to be beneficial, because those who might create a problem can do nothing against you.

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To find out when the Moon was void-of-course for any day of any month, use the Astrological Moon Calendar. Here is an article about the void-of-course Moon , and there is also my book Void-of-Course Moon Guide: the Foundation. Or still better read my Void-of-Course Moon Book. To learn about the importance of the apogee and the perigee of the Moon, this an article will give you some facts and ideas. To find out the dates of apsides in any month, use the Astrological Moon Calendar. An article about eclipses is in my plan.

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If you want to be notified when it will be published, please subscribe to my newsletter. Here is an article about the retrograde motion of planets in astrology. It showcases the work of the students of Astrological Forecasting for Everyone course. You can see the recording on YouTube. Part 7.

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30 january solar eclipse astrology 30 january solar eclipse astrology
30 january solar eclipse astrology 30 january solar eclipse astrology
30 january solar eclipse astrology 30 january solar eclipse astrology
30 january solar eclipse astrology 30 january solar eclipse astrology
30 january solar eclipse astrology 30 january solar eclipse astrology

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