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On this astrology marriage page we will look at marriage indications by assessing and comparing two natal charts : it's about a synastry between you and your sweetheart. What astrological factors between you and your partner are necessary for a marriage to take place?

Introduction to Influence of Asteroids in Astrology

We at Cosmic Technologies continuously do some research regarding the most important life events births, marriages, deaths, However - and fortunately so - we are not alone in this world and other astrologers are doing serious research too re astrology marriage indicators. This way, we hope to bring you the best and most reliable "scientifically tested" results together.

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  • We would like to mention an important study by "the Astro Investigators" , an astrological research group from West Hartford, CT, USA, directed by Alphee Lavoie, doing formal research using scientific methods. They shared their first preliminary and initial results regarding astrology marriage indications April She did, however, have a primary role in the sexual rites and ceremonies of her time, so Vesta has an undeniable link to sexuality.

    Marriage Synastry Research Project

    In today's world, the role of Vesta's archetype has become distorted, instead of being seen as a sacred part of religion. As it relates to love and sex, the asteroid Vesta can indicate especially when stressfully aspected sexual disorders and complexes, frigidity, impotence issues, fertility issues, prostitution, pornography, prolonged virginity, fear of sex, antiquated concepts of sex as sin, sexual shaming. As one of the Greek Muses, Erato was the muse of lyrical romantic! Erato connections in synastry can show a poetic, lyrical, romantic love that is expressed in song or words.

    Check out other Asteroid Muses. Astarte is the Hellenized version of Ishtar , the Sumerian deity of fertility, love, beauty and war. Both Astarte and Ishtar are likened to Venus, as they were both deities based on the appearance of the planet Venus in the sky. After Eros, Psyche, and Amor, this is my favourite love asteroid. Anteros is about "love received". It can show how you partner shows affection, or when poorly aspected, the ways in which love or affection can be blocked in reaching you. Every so often I meet someone that has a seriously troubled Venus, yet they have a great marriage, fat bank account, and good looks.

    What gives? Aphrodite, my friends. It can be good to double check your asteroid Aphrodite against Venus, being that they are one and the same deity. Aphrodite rules many similar domains as Venus: sex, love, beauty, romance, connection, friendships, femininity, beauty, home, art, assets. Inanna was known as being cutting, demanding, capricious and even treating her lovers quite poorly. In her infamous journey into the Underworld, she chooses her husband Dumuzi as her replacement in Hell so she may return to the world of the living.

    Unlike a more softened female deity like Venus, Inanna is intense and fiery. Chiron deals with healing, so they may need to discover ways of healing themselves. This sign is associated with headaches, head wounds and other injuries in this area.

    DianicLight’s Astrological Aspects

    Retrograde planets and their meanings. Lilith and sexuality. Asteroid Themes - Love, Relationship Marriage, commited and bonded relationships, legal ties and protection of rights within the relationship. Marriage and commitment in relationships.

    Check synastry for connections. Been There, Done That. Eros ascendant synastry. The Vertex. Astrology, Mythology, Asteroids and Metaphysics?

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    Astrological Psychic Intuitive Indicators. Pallas , Astrology Lesson Introduction To Pallas Athena. North node transits to planets and points. Astrology online - Synastry report. Eros Composite Aspects! Neptune in Synastry and the Composite Chart.

    Ruler of the 10th House in HousesAstroFix. The Asteroids I Use. Psychic Intuitive Indicators. A free astrology program that generates lots of astrological calculations. Vertex in Synastry and natal.

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