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Everything You Need to Know About Your Saturn Return – and How to Survive It |

I see 13, 33, all the time. Everyday theses numbers show themselves to me. I was born October 13, at in the morning. What does this mean? Is a higher power using numbers to communicate with us? These are angel numbers, the more you are in tune with them the more you will see. It gets better, animals, insects will also who you the way.

I use the following. The next U. Presidential inauguration is January 20th, This will be interesting. Exciting time for the world and for me personally I suppose. With Mercury in 24, Sun in 27 and Moon in 28 degree Capricorn. Plus, ASC in 5 degree Aquarius. A bit nervous but also excited. What planet is that?

Good point, thank you, have mistaken the federal funds rate 2. Correction made. Saturn Pluto in libra conjuncts my MC and Saturn is my chart ruler. Do you think I will have a constant issue with career and authority figures.

Saturn is ruler of first house and pluto of 11th in my chart. Problems with authority mostly come from Uranus. Progress in career will require some faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars that always benefit from help of Jupiter. Saturn may get one stuck in a certain configuration for longer than needed.

Power of Saturn in Astrology

Pluto brings implosions and the need for transformation. Saturn-Pluto is a really good topic for a blog post and I may write one. In regards to your chart, look for aspects. The question is what is your Pluto is aspected with. That will give you some ideas as to how the energies will flow. Hard to tell more without seeing the whole chart.

Saturn in Capricorn

Two planets never paint the big picture. My advice is to analyse the aspects! Hi Time Nomad, Pluto sextiles neptune ruler of 3rd in the 12th house.

Conjuncts Saturn and MC and widely conjuncts sun and Venus as well pluto at 26, saturn 24, mc 22, sun 20, Venus 15 deg of libra Uranus that rules 2nd is in 11th house.. This does not bode well for longevity in a job. It certainly impacts how the person does things in their professional life.

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Neptune in the 12th can signify both spiritual tendencies or mystic abilities but Neptune is tricky to handle well due to its nebulosity, read more on that here. Uranus in the 11th may manifest itself in unconventional and possibly eccentric friends. Uranus likes changes and social agendas, one may find more engagement in projects oriented towards social good, especially knowing that Neptune in the 12th.

A much better handle is dealing with the Sun-Saturn conjunction. Be bigger than yourself, that would provide a valid direction.

Yearly Horoscope

I was born in Feb so I have this conjunct in my natal chart, in my 10th house! Hey Zach, I can feel ya. One important note is Eris is now in Aries. She is definitely getting into our heads. Eris plays a major part to our external weather as well.

Saturn in the Complete Horoscope

She is showing her strength in being a major player for hurricanes and tornadoes. I see the golden angle aspects playing a part. More study to follow, Thanks to the TimeNomad App…. For somebody such as myself, budding into researching aspects and conjunctions, this was a very informative and interesting read. Written beautifully, took every paragraph down in my notebook!! Just like in architecture, structures appear as a result of significant amount of directed deeds over certain periods of time. Repetition brings structure and structure means repetition. If somebody comes with a luggage then yes they can be seen as structures.

In astrology, it stands for sinister things: tradition, the merciless intervention of fate, the unavoidable and the decisive. The god that it got its name from was a cruel creature, indeed. Saturn castrated his father and ate his children. The planet's astrological traits are not that terrible, but the planet is regarded with some awe in the horoscope. Mainly, it stands for duty and tradition - what is passed on from generation to generation, just because that's how it has to be.

Saturn takes almost 30 years to complete its orbit around the sun, and to traverse the twelve signs of the Zodiac. So, it stays for about 2,5 years in each sign. Therefore, people born in the same year pretty much share the same Saturn position, which means that they share moral values and have a similar sense of duty. Of course, other ingredients in their horoscopes vary, so they can still express their Saturn quite differently. Saturn in the Zodiac Here are short descriptions of how each Zodiac sign influences Saturn, your basic values and sense of duty, when that's where it is in your natal chart.

Aries brings a demanding attitude and intolerance. Taurus brings conservatism and fixed values. Gemini brings some confusion as to what are lasting values, and a keen capacity to negotiate. Cancer brings a love for the ways of the past and for the bloodline, also some angst. After the Saturn Return, you enter a new stage of life, one that is more structured and settled. Here is where you will toil away for hours, obsessively, to reach your grandest goals. Below, is a guide to working with your Saturn sign—especially during your Saturn Return.

Goals, goals, goals!

Past, Present, and Future Dates for Saturn’s passage through the sign of Capricorn.

Success is your obsession but having restrictive Saturn in high-achieving Capricorn can stall your ambition and make you prone to self-doubt. During your Saturn Return, you may finally uncover the right blueprint for your career. Both Saturn and the sign of Capricorn are associated with men and the father. If you have a strained or distant relationship with your dad, you could do some deep healing work during your Saturn Return.

saturn year astrology Saturn year astrology
saturn year astrology Saturn year astrology
saturn year astrology Saturn year astrology
saturn year astrology Saturn year astrology
saturn year astrology Saturn year astrology

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